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Majestic Vistas

A different view of life

Looking at the astronomical prices of apartments in the city, you definitely would have felt that to offer your family a comfortable life in a home that meets all your needs, is a dream beyond your means.

No more! It's now time for that dream to come true!

Majestic Vistas puts the good life within your easy reach. Understanding your requirements, providing the conveniences, offering the finest address. All enhanced with a breathtaking view. And a price that brings the smile back on your face.

Live life on your terms

Situated on a hillock, Majestic Vistas is unique with split level apartments and parking, with a panaromic view of the city. From this vantage point, you can enjoy the best of facilities and amenities.

The luxurious 3 bedroom apartments are superbly designed to not only ensure optimum utilisation of space but also cross ventilation. Finished to perfection, the construction is of immaculate quality and every little detail well taken care of.

Indeed, Majestic Vistas is all set to redefine value-for-money to offer you the life of your dreams.